Paint Protection On Your Vehicle

By | August 7, 2017

Why it’s important to get paint protection on your vehicle

As a car enthusiast, the overall appearance and value of your car is very important. There are instances where you would just avoid bringing your car elsewhere because you are scared that your car will get scratched. It is a good thing that paint protection is available – it is a very important service for old and new vehicles and something that every driver should consider investing in. Its aesthetic benefits make your vehicle looking brand new while its practical benefits save money, time and energy for new paint jobs and regular detailing.

Paint protection makes your vehicle look shinier and brand new. You don’t need to wax or polish so much anymore. Paint protection products primarily preserve the original colour, shine and gloss of the vehicle’s paintwork.

Your car’s paint job offers some level of protection against damage. But the paint is likely to get damaged by bird droppings, tree sap, tree fruits (like cherries), road salts, road oil and tar, and UV rays from the sun. An added layer of top-quality car paint protection helps to prevent any paint problems.

Retain your car’s value longer; paint protection maintains the paintwork and appearance of your car, preserving its resale value and worth. Even regular washing and waxing can’t beat the effect of applying paint protection film.

Car care has never been easier – washing your vehicle can be a breeze because paint protection film repels build-up of dust on your car. It also makes your car surface as smooth as possible for a much faster wash. No need for vigorous cleaning or polishing. Just run a soft microfiber cloth over the surface in between washes for a really clean vehicle.

Paint will oxidize and deteriorate over time exposing the vehicle’s sheet metal to corrosion. Installing paint protection film stops rust from spreading. This saves you time and money spent in vehicle body repair.

Auto paint protection repels environmental damage. It reflects back UV and infrared rays to reduce sun damage. In addition, it seals the paint to keep suds and scratches from allowing moisture in, leading to spread of corrosion.

Paint protection also guards your car’s paintwork against wear and tear when applied to the edge guard, loading zones, side mirrors, gas tank, and door cups. The door edges are actually the worst areas for chipped paint on every vehicle.

With ultra-clear and high-gloss properties, the car paint protection film is invisible once professionally installed. It is also easy to apply, conforms to any curvature (needs few relief cuts), doesn’t damage vehicle finish and removable if needed.

Though paint protection maintains one of the most noticeable and key aspects of a vehicle – its outward appearance – it does not make the vehicle’s paintwork damage-proof. Accidents or crashes can still easily damage your vehicle’s body and paint job.

Done right, automobile paint protection can protect your vehicle for up to seven years. But there are several paint protection films that can guarantee lifetime protection. With the right tools and the services of an expert, you will get the best results for your car.