Finding The Best Detailer In Your City

By | August 7, 2017

Finding the best car detailer in your city – what you need to know

Let’s face it. The last car detailer you hired did a shoddy work. He left your car interior with pet hairs. Paintwork with stains. Rims with mud. Windows with dirt. And headlights with grime. The worst part is that you had already paid handsomely for the service. But what you got is a vehicle that you are not confident driving around. So you decide to lock it in the garage until you get a professional car detailer.

But the big question is – how will you go about your search this time round? Probably, the last time you followed your friend’s or colleague’s advice. But the person you were referred to left a bad taste in your mouth. And now you have sworn to be extra cautious during your hunt for a car detailer.

You decide to go online to check reviews. Get referrals from family and friends. And contact potential car detailers and their previous customers. Unfortunately, after exhausting on everything you are still left with a huge list of car detailers or no car detailer at all.

So how do you narrow down the list and finally land the best car detailer in your locality? Well, no need to do extra homework. Here is all you need to know…

Quality products matter

The quality of detailing products makes a big difference in car detailing. From cleaners and waxes to washing sponges and fresh water, it is essential to use the best technology and products to wash and dry your car. A car detailer who uses the best materials available is better placed to give your vehicle a high-end clean, both inside and outside. Extras, such as car care products and treatments for your car interior are important for an exceptional car wash.

Competitive car detailing prices

Auto detailing is quite expensive. Luckily, you don’t need to have a deep pocket to get the best car detail. Normally, consumers choose who to give their business depending on car detailing prices. If that is the case for you, especially considering your low budget, then it’s better to keep shopping around for an affordable car detailing service. ‘Affordable’ in this case meaning detailing packages for every detail need and price point. Not extremely low prices or blinding discounts!

Great services for your vehicle

From the experience in the beginning of this article, you can easily tell that you did not get the best level of service. To avoid a similar situation from occurring again, then you need to consider the type and quality of services when looking for a reliable car detailer. Does your potential car detailer offer a full-service wash, both inside and outside of your car? If not, keep shopping around. A professional detailer must pay close attention to (every) part your vehicle, from door panels, dash, steering wheel and centre console to mirrors and doorjambs.

Quality service in your location

Obviously, you don’t want to move from town to town looking for an auto detailer. Find someone who is easily accessible. Otherwise, you can opt for a mobile car detailer and get services right at your home or office.

Find a company you can trust

Finally, find a car detailing company you can trust. Customer care should be their first priority. This way, you won’t need to worry anymore when handling your car for car detailing.

Our recommendations

As the Mobile Auto Detailing Academyare situated in Australia, we have done our research to find the best-detailing companies in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne. Here’s what we found!

In Adelaide, we found Adelaide Automotive Detailing situated in Mile End. They offer a range of services, including paint protection. Contact their team today if you’re in Adelaide.

In Sydney, we found Detailmycar.

In Melbourne, we found Jim’s Mobile Car Detailing Melbourne.

For more information on any of these businesses, please visit their website.