Car Detailing Career

By | February 15, 2018

Begin a Career as a Car Detailer

Love cars? Bet you do!

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wash and wax cars over the weekends, quit your 9-5 office job and become a full-time auto detailer. Detailing cars is a lucrative and promising career. You get to clean automobiles, both inside and outside, to make them look show worthy. If you’re good at car detailing, and most people compliment your work, you can either work at a car wash or open your own auto shop. Before you start working or looking for a job, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Take some Automotive Classes

You don’t need a college education or a master’s degree to become an auto detailer. However, a high school diploma or experience washing cars is necessary. An automotive course, either in high school or a community college, isn’t a necessity, but sufficient to be a detailer. A diploma can land you a job and help your pay too.

Familiarize yourself With the Industry

You’re lucky if you know someone who’s active in the field. Getting a sense of what a car detailer does and experiences every day can help you prepare beforehand. Decide whether detailing cars is your calling.

Make sure your Driving License is Valid

Some clients may request you to pick their cars, wash them and drive them back. This won’t be possible if you don’t have a driver’s license. Until you’re a legally licensed driver, your chances of landing a detailer job are almost zero.

Have a Clean Background

Most vehicle detailing companies screen potential workers to know whether or not they’re a good hire. If you have a criminal record, some firms may not trust you, let alone employ you.

Reach out to Car Detailers

Many businesses are looking for people like you. Besides detailing specialists, mechanics, auto dealerships, rental agencies, auto shops and car washes need your services. Check your phone book or local newspaper for any company that’s hiring detailers and contact them.

Another option is visiting local auto detailing shops and asking about open positions. Show potential employers that you’re passionate about work and willing to learn. Have a reference – for instance, your high school automotive teacher – that your boss can contact.

Be Humble and Diligent

When you get your first job as a detailer, don’t fail to impress. Make a good impression from the onset. Arrive early. Be dependable. Always smile. And keep learning. That’s how to impress your boss. Be polite and hardworking to work your way up. Employers hate lazy and “know-it-all” people. If you’re rude, your superior won’t hesitate to fire your ass.

Consider Expansion

As your experience increases and skillset improves, you can seek high-paying jobs in bigger corporations. If you own a car detailing business, consider servicing other suburbs as your company and customer base grows. There are no limits to growth!

It takes dedication and determination to start a career as a car detailer. Auto detailing is a satisfying profession and, if it’s your line of business, you should begin pursuing it today.