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Car Detailing Career

Begin a Career as a Car Detailer Love cars? Bet you do! If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wash and wax cars over the weekends, quit your 9-5 office job and become a full-time auto detailer. Detailing cars is a lucrative and promising career. You get to clean automobiles, both inside and… Read More »

Paint Protection On Your Vehicle

Why it’s important to get paint protection on your vehicle As a car enthusiast, the overall appearance and value of your car is very important. There are instances where you would just avoid bringing your car elsewhere because you are scared that your car will get scratched. It is a good thing that paint protection… Read More »

Finding The Best Detailer In Your City

Finding the best car detailer in your city – what you need to know Let’s face it. The last car detailer you hired did a shoddy work. He left your car interior with pet hairs. Paintwork with stains. Rims with mud. Windows with dirt. And headlights with grime. The worst part is that you had… Read More »

Go Green: Can Car Detailers Afford Not To?

Several years ago, I fielded enquiries from a prospective customer who wanted to get into the detail business and only wanted to purchase green products. Frankly speaking, I really did not know what he was talking about other than it had something to do with the environment. After some conversation, I decided this customer might… Read More »