Car Detailing Career

Begin a Career as a Car Detailer

Love cars? Bet you do!

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to wash and wax cars over the weekends, quit your 9-5 office job and become a full-time auto detailer. Detailing cars is a lucrative and promising career. You get to clean automobiles, both inside and outside, to make them look show worthy. If you’re good at car detailing, and most people compliment your work, you can either work at a car wash or open your own auto shop. Before you start working or looking for a job, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Take some Automotive Classes

You don’t need a college education or a master’s degree to become an auto detailer. However, a high school diploma or experience washing cars is necessary. An automotive course, either in high school or a community college, isn’t a necessity, but sufficient to be a detailer. A diploma can land you a job and help your pay too.

Familiarize yourself With the Industry

You’re lucky if you know someone who’s active in the field. Getting a sense of what a car detailer does and experiences every day can help you prepare beforehand. Decide whether detailing cars is your calling.

Make sure your Driving License is Valid

Some clients may request you to pick their cars, wash them and drive them back. This won’t be possible if you don’t have a driver’s license. Until you’re a legally licensed driver, your chances of landing a detailer job are almost zero.

Have a Clean Background

Most vehicle detailing companies screen potential workers to know whether or not they’re a good hire. If you have a criminal record, some firms may not trust you, let alone employ you.

Reach out to Car Detailers

Many businesses are looking for people like you. Besides detailing specialists, mechanics, auto dealerships, rental agencies, auto shops and car washes need your services. Check your phone book or local newspaper for any company that’s hiring detailers and contact them.

Another option is visiting local auto detailing shops and asking about open positions. Show potential employers that you’re passionate about work and willing to learn. Have a reference – for instance, your high school automotive teacher – that your boss can contact.

Be Humble and Diligent

When you get your first job as a detailer, don’t fail to impress. Make a good impression from the onset. Arrive early. Be dependable. Always smile. And keep learning. That’s how to impress your boss. Be polite and hardworking to work your way up. Employers hate lazy and “know-it-all” people. If you’re rude, your superior won’t hesitate to fire your ass.

Consider Expansion

As your experience increases and skillset improves, you can seek high-paying jobs in bigger corporations. If you own a car detailing business, consider servicing other suburbs as your company and customer base grows. There are no limits to growth!

It takes dedication and determination to start a career as a car detailer. Auto detailing is a satisfying profession and, if it’s your line of business, you should begin pursuing it today.

Paint Protection On Your Vehicle

Why it’s important to get paint protection on your vehicle

As a car enthusiast, the overall appearance and value of your car is very important. There are instances where you would just avoid bringing your car elsewhere because you are scared that your car will get scratched. It is a good thing that paint protection is available – it is a very important service for old and new vehicles and something that every driver should consider investing in. Its aesthetic benefits make your vehicle looking brand new while its practical benefits save money, time and energy for new paint jobs and regular detailing.

Paint protection makes your vehicle look shinier and brand new. You don’t need to wax or polish so much anymore. Paint protection products primarily preserve the original colour, shine and gloss of the vehicle’s paintwork.

Your car’s paint job offers some level of protection against damage. But the paint is likely to get damaged by bird droppings, tree sap, tree fruits (like cherries), road salts, road oil and tar, and UV rays from the sun. An added layer of top-quality car paint protection helps to prevent any paint problems.

Retain your car’s value longer; paint protection maintains the paintwork and appearance of your car, preserving its resale value and worth. Even regular washing and waxing can’t beat the effect of applying paint protection film.

Car care has never been easier – washing your vehicle can be a breeze because paint protection film repels build-up of dust on your car. It also makes your car surface as smooth as possible for a much faster wash. No need for vigorous cleaning or polishing. Just run a soft microfiber cloth over the surface in between washes for a really clean vehicle.

Paint will oxidize and deteriorate over time exposing the vehicle’s sheet metal to corrosion. Installing paint protection film stops rust from spreading. This saves you time and money spent in vehicle body repair.

Auto paint protection repels environmental damage. It reflects back UV and infrared rays to reduce sun damage. In addition, it seals the paint to keep suds and scratches from allowing moisture in, leading to spread of corrosion.

Paint protection also guards your car’s paintwork against wear and tear when applied to the edge guard, loading zones, side mirrors, gas tank, and door cups. The door edges are actually the worst areas for chipped paint on every vehicle.

With ultra-clear and high-gloss properties, the car paint protection film is invisible once professionally installed. It is also easy to apply, conforms to any curvature (needs few relief cuts), doesn’t damage vehicle finish and removable if needed.

Though paint protection maintains one of the most noticeable and key aspects of a vehicle – its outward appearance – it does not make the vehicle’s paintwork damage-proof. Accidents or crashes can still easily damage your vehicle’s body and paint job.

Done right, automobile paint protection can protect your vehicle for up to seven years. But there are several paint protection films that can guarantee lifetime protection. With the right tools and the services of an expert, you will get the best results for your car.

Finding The Best Detailer In Your City

Finding the best car detailer in your city – what you need to know

Let’s face it. The last car detailer you hired did a shoddy work. He left your car interior with pet hairs. Paintwork with stains. Rims with mud. Windows with dirt. And headlights with grime. The worst part is that you had already paid handsomely for the service. But what you got is a vehicle that you are not confident driving around. So you decide to lock it in the garage until you get a professional car detailer.

But the big question is – how will you go about your search this time round? Probably, the last time you followed your friend’s or colleague’s advice. But the person you were referred to left a bad taste in your mouth. And now you have sworn to be extra cautious during your hunt for a car detailer.

You decide to go online to check reviews. Get referrals from family and friends. And contact potential car detailers and their previous customers. Unfortunately, after exhausting on everything you are still left with a huge list of car detailers or no car detailer at all.

So how do you narrow down the list and finally land the best car detailer in your locality? Well, no need to do extra homework. Here is all you need to know…

Quality products matter

The quality of detailing products makes a big difference in car detailing. From cleaners and waxes to washing sponges and fresh water, it is essential to use the best technology and products to wash and dry your car. A car detailer who uses the best materials available is better placed to give your vehicle a high-end clean, both inside and outside. Extras, such as car care products and treatments for your car interior are important for an exceptional car wash.

Competitive car detailing prices

Auto detailing is quite expensive. Luckily, you don’t need to have a deep pocket to get the best car detail. Normally, consumers choose who to give their business depending on car detailing prices. If that is the case for you, especially considering your low budget, then it’s better to keep shopping around for an affordable car detailing service. ‘Affordable’ in this case meaning detailing packages for every detail need and price point. Not extremely low prices or blinding discounts!

Great services for your vehicle

From the experience in the beginning of this article, you can easily tell that you did not get the best level of service. To avoid a similar situation from occurring again, then you need to consider the type and quality of services when looking for a reliable car detailer. Does your potential car detailer offer a full-service wash, both inside and outside of your car? If not, keep shopping around. A professional detailer must pay close attention to (every) part your vehicle, from door panels, dash, steering wheel and centre console to mirrors and doorjambs.

Quality service in your location

Obviously, you don’t want to move from town to town looking for an auto detailer. Find someone who is easily accessible. Otherwise, you can opt for a mobile car detailer and get services right at your home or office.

Find a company you can trust

Finally, find a car detailing company you can trust. Customer care should be their first priority. This way, you won’t need to worry anymore when handling your car for car detailing.

Our recommendations

As the Mobile Auto Detailing Academyare situated in Australia, we have done our research to find the best-detailing companies in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne. Here’s what we found!

In Adelaide, we found Adelaide Automotive Detailing situated in Mile End. They offer a range of services, including paint protection. Contact their team today if you’re in Adelaide.

In Sydney, we found Detailmycar.

In Melbourne, we found Jim’s Mobile Car Detailing Melbourne.

For more information on any of these businesses, please visit their website.

Go Green: Can Car Detailers Afford Not To?

Several years ago, I fielded enquiries from a prospective customer who wanted to get into the detail business and only wanted to purchase green products. Frankly speaking, I really did not know what he was talking about other than it had something to do with the environment. After some conversation, I decided this customer might not be worth the hassle so I passed on the opportunity.

However, today in just about every trade magazine you pick up — regardless of the industry — they are talking about one thing, a march toward everything that is green. So I began to think about “going green” and the environmental impact on detailing. Have a look at some going green car detailing tips if you are a business owner.

There is a growing demand to go green on the part of the government, environmental groups, and consumers. It is time, I think, for the detail industry to make a commitment to take our industry “green.”

Certainly, I am not a green fanatic. Rather, this is a smart business decision, and also a conscientious choice. In short, it is the way the country is going.


It doesn’t take much research to realize the truth of this position. Walk down the aisles at the local supermarket and take stock of the number of household chemical manufacturers with a line of green products. Read the Internet, trade journals, and watch TV. “Green” is the watchword today.

If this is not convincing enough for you, track the number of times your customers, at least, enquire if you use environmentally friendly products. Government and the media are driving this trend. According to one research company, the number of government-financed construction projects specifying only the use of green products has grown substantially in recent years, and that trend is spreading everywhere.

One reason for this is that green initiatives and products are being mandated at a local, regional, and even national level. This is especially true for corporations and commercial governmental facilities.

Another reason green products are specified is the desire for officials to enhance their reputation as leaders in the green movement. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of products and are asking for, even demanding green products. Consumers also have pragmatic issues. Many have health concerns such as allergies, high-risk diseases, and welfare concerns for infants and the elderly.


Slowly detailers and car wash people are beginning to come around to the concept, but those are still in the minority. Few will attend seminars on the subject of going green, much to the frustration of industry leaders.

Go back 10 or 15 years and the attitude might have been justified. No one was really that concerned. Chemical companies did not produce green products because they were not forced to, and their customers didn’t demand them.

Today, green products are becoming available, but oh so slowly. The criticism of green products by some detailers and car wash people is that they are more expensive and don’t work as effectively. To some extent this is true, but as chemical companies put more R & D into green products you will see more effective products and, hopefully, lower prices.

Keep in mind some green products use premium ingredients and will carry a premium price. But that doesn’t necessarily mean higher costs for the detailer. For one thing, green products can increase the market value of services to consumers. You need to promote this fact in your marketing. What are you going to do if your competition starts marketing themselves as “environmentally responsible using only green products?”

You can purchase less costly chemicals, but in the long run, there are compliance issues to worry about and downtime of employees due to health problems. In short term, the customer will pay for the higher chemical costs; if you market yourself as “green” the customer will seek you out.


Be an industry leader in your area. Continue to educate yourself about green products, and most importantly, “test” the products. You don’t have to be the first one on the block to use green products, but you don’t want to be the last either. Try a few products to get a feel for how to use them. Stick with trusted brands, but be willing to experiment with new companies and products. There are many new green detail products on the market and this will continue for the next few years.

In the end, savvy detailers should recognize this trend as an opportunity to expand their business. Detailers should take stock of the opportunities presented by green products which address increasing customer concern for the environment.

It is also an opportunity for detailers to differentiate themselves to customers as a business that’s working to improve the environment. In fact, how detailers conduct their business may be more important even than the chemicals that they use. You will find customers will be increasingly appreciative of that side of the story. In other words, customers want to patronize companies that not only use green products but also embrace green practices. If you don’t, as a detailer you may well feel it in your pocketbook.